Customer Service Charter

This is our commitment to you:


  • I recognize and respect your rights as an individual.
  • I only discuss patients and staff in appropriate settings with appropriate people.
  • I acknowledge and respect your right to privacy and confidentiality.
  • I respect my colleagues’ contribution to the team.


  • I connect with the team, patients, visitors and colleagues by acknowledgement and communicating appropriately.
  • I begin all communication with eye contact, an introduction and an open, receptive manner.
  • I take time to listen and I respond to what I hear.


  • I provide a high standard of patient care and treatment.
  • I maintain a safe workplace and safe and healthy working environment.
  • I maintain the high standard of infection control requirements expected by the Goolwa dental surgery.

Accountability and Leadership:

  • I demonstrate leadership and am accountable for my actions.
  • I take a lead role in meeting the needs of patients, visitors, colleagues and my team.
  • I adapt to meet the challenges of my roll.


  • I act in a professional manner at all times with the team, patients, visitors and colleagues.
  • I am competent in my role.
  • I support my colleagues.
  • I present professionally.

Goolwa Dental Surgery and its Employees:

  • Welcomes and will address your valid suggestions for improving customer service.
  • Are committed to dealing with any complaints promptly and fairly.
  • Treat all patients equally and without discrimination.