A dental crown is a restoration designed to cover and protect the remaining tooth structure. The crown can be made from many different materials depending on the situation.

How a crown is made:ceramic crowns

The process of making a crown first involves preparing the tooth to the desired shape. Impressions of the teeth are then taken from which the laboratory can fabricate the crown. To make the crown we utilize the services of a ceramist who lives in Goolwa. Once fabricated, the crown is fitted over the tooth surface and bonded in place using special dental bonding cements. The shape, size, colour and surface characteristics of a crown are precisely matched to the surrounding teeth. Once fitted, a porcelain crown affords a seamless and permanent restoration of a tooth.

By the time your tooth needs a crown it must be extensively damaged. Although technology is advancing, statistically, of all teeth crowned that start off ‘alive’ 3% compounding will ‘die’ per year. This means after 30 years 90% of teeth crowned will require root canal treatment. This is independent of who does the crown or what technology is used. At Goolwa Dental we have access to the latest technology and try to provide you with the best long term dental choices for you.